Home Start UK


Q. How do I know if I would benefit from Home-Start support?
A. Call us direct for a chat or speak to someone who knows us well, i.e. your Health Visitor.

Q. If I need Home-Start support what do I do?
A. You can refer yourself by either contacting us directly or by asking someone else to and then we will contact you.

Q. How will I know that the volunteer will be right for me and my family?
A. Volunteers are carefully selected and all attend a 40 hour Course of Preparation during which time we get to know them extremely well. Then with careful consideration we are able to link them to families where we know they will be able to help them the best. They are chosen for their caring and friendly attitude and all are parents themselves or have parenting experience so understand how hard bringing up children can be.

Q. What if I decide it’s not for me?
A. No problem, just ring either Rose or Bernie to let us know.

Q. Is the support time limited?
A. No. Support is provided as long as you need us and it is still appropriate.
A. We are able to support providing there is a child under school age.
A. Volunteers visit once a week for 2 – 3 hours.

Q. How do you pick your volunteers; could I be one?
A. Home-Start welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteers do not need specific qualifications; it is their life experiences, attitudes and interpersonal skills that matter.

Q. If I want to become a volunteer what do I do?
A. You can find out more by ringing either Rose or Bernie or click link for an application pack.


Volunteer Pack


Q. How much time do I need to give?
A. Usually volunteers will give between two to three hours a week to visit the family they are linked to.  In addition to this they will be expected to make themselves available for regular supervision meetings as part of their commitment to Home-Start and to stay with the scheme at least a year although most volunteers stay in excess of two years. They are expected to be reliable and have the time to devote to regular visiting.