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Story 1

It started one morning, when Mum got a letter from Home-Start. As she read it she said … “Oh cool, look we are invited to a trip to Hunstanton.” We all were very happy as only Mum and Dad have been to a beach when they were younger.

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Story 2

It’s so nice to have events like this for our family to attend. My husband has booked both days off so we can spend some family time together. Thank you for thinking of us, when you sent out the invitations. We look forward to both occasions”.

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Story 3

“I’m just writing to say thank you so much for the Easter Eggs—they were such a lovely surprise! The day you came round was such an awful day for me but to have you pop round with a smile and a gift cheered my day up! We had quite a lonely Easter this year and we were all feeling it a bit so I cannot tell you how grateful we all were to have someone thinking of us! We hid all the eggs around the house on Easter Sunday and the kids made Easter bags and masks and we had a lovely Easter egg hunt courtesy of Home-Start”!

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Story 4

My experience of Home-Start began over eleven years ago. I had been referred to Home-Start with a view to receiving support following the birth of my third child. I was a single parent who had very little support other than that provided by statutory services. I had been receiving support for depression, which was on-going at the time. Home-Start was suggested as a move away from the provision offered by statutory services.

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Story 5

When I first got involved with Home-Start I was a fresh mother of two and in a bit of a desperate situation. My partner being away at work most of the time and me trying to juggle between a new baby and a very demanding toddler and housework. I’m sure most of you reading this will, at this point think, “Say no more”. Yes, that alone is enough to deal with but dealing with it completely alone is an extra “stone in the bag”. As we are two foreigners in another foreign country life can really be very lonely.

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Story 6

I had an extremely stressful job, lots of responsibilities and dead lines to meet…surely having a baby would be a piece of cake!!! So when we found out I was pregnant, we were absolutely delighted, however finding we were expecting twins was a bit of a shock!

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