Home Start UK

Story 1

It started one morning, when Mum got a letter from Home-Start.  As she read it she said … “Oh cool, look we are invited to a trip to Hunstanton.”  We all were very happy as only Mum and Dad have been to a beach when they were younger.  As the days went by we got more excited and then it was that day, the day we were going to the beach, we got ready, left for the coach and off we went.  It was a 1 hour journey but it was worth it, the only bad thing about the beach was the dead worms and dead crabs.  We were tip-toeing around the animals and seaweed.  They also had a fair there and I went on the bumper cars which was fun cause I kept crashing into another bumper car!  But that’s just a memory now but I had a wonderful time.  A very muddy sand beach.  One of the best days of my life!  Child aged 13.