Home Start UK

Story 5

Let me begin by introducing myself and my family.

My name is Kaisa and I’m from Scandinavia.  I’m married to an Afro-Caribbean and we have two beautiful children, Omar 2 and Alicia 1.

When I first got involved with Home-Start I was a fresh mother of two and in a bit of a desperate situation.  My partner being away at work most of the time and me trying to juggle between a new baby and a very demanding toddler and housework.  I’m sure most of you reading this will, at this point think, “Say no more”.  Yes, that alone is enough to deal with but dealing with it completely alone is an extra “stone in the bag”.  As we are two foreigners in another foreign country life can really be very lonely.

When I first met Bernie - ain’t she a doll?! - we talked about a possible volunteer.  I was put on the waiting list.

Then Bernie came to me with the news that she had found me a volunteer.  Somebody whose solution to most things was to “Go for a walk in the park”.  My kind of lady.

A week or so later I met Eva and liked her immediately.  Most importantly, Omar and Alicia took to her with no hesitation.  And now, as time has gone by and we’ve gotten to know each other better I couldn’t be happier with how we all get on and what a great difference Eva has brought to our lives.  It’s like she’s heaven sent.  I really mean it.

As we live in a first floor flat, getting out and about with 2 children and a double pushchair is an athletic trial in itself.  With the help of somebody it is obviously much easier.  Also, as Eva drives and Home-Start has kindly borrowed her two care seats, we can actually go places.  I love these new little privileges such as going to a different park for a change.  As simple as it sounds but to us it’s something really big.

We’ve also taken a trip t a small animal farm a bit further out of town and, hey! Had a swift ride to town to pay the bills when it was pouring with rain.

Omar and Alicia absolutely adore Eva.  As they hear her voice from the corridor they start a wild race towards the door to greet her.  Omar will snatch her handbag, knowing there’s always something nice in there; jigsaw puzzles, little cars, a toy’ phone and a few other bits.  Alicia will head straight for a big cuddle.  Ain’t nowhere nicer that in Eva’s arms.  I love watching them together, I love the way my children have someone important in their lives, someone who visits regularly, especially as their grandparents are all so far away.

And to me, having Eva around means having conversations, having someone to trust and someone who will give me the opportunity to go and scrub that kitchen clean without two little monkeys climbing up my legs.  She gives me company, a shoulder to lean on when the going gets rough and a feeling of freedom when we take the children out together, no matter where we go or what we do.  To me she is an angel; she always goes that extra step further to prove that.

To me, Home-Start has really made a big difference in my life.  Even though Eva only comes once a week it is such a help and relief from the loneliness that sometimes surrounds me.

In all, Home-start is a life line in so may ways.  I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for us.  You’re the best!

Ps Could I please keep Eva forever????