Why fundraise for us?

Because you can help us change a child’s life

The emotional, physical and psychological cost for children experiencing tragedy, hardship and neglect is immense and can last a life-time.

The need for our work is acute and growing.

Fg(22)_happy_heads_inWe want to see a society in which every parent has the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life.

We believe that the best possible start in life for a child begins at home with their family. A nurturing, loving, stable family and home environment strongly determines a child’s future life chances. Children whose parents are struggling to cope can miss out on the love, routine and support that are vital for their future.

When children face severe illness, or disability, when their mother has postnatal depression, when their father loses a job and spirals into debt and mental ill health or alcohol abuse, when they are in shocking housing or their family is threatened with losing their home… our volunteers want to be there for them – to help them and their whole family until they can cope again. We want to reach each child in their vital early years so they can have the best possible start in life. Home-Start Northampton establishes successful links with families who are particularly ‘hard to engage’, isolated, disadvantaged or are experiencing multiple and complex difficulties as well as with families who need support to prevent stressful situations becoming crisis points Very often we are the last chance they have.

Home-Start Northampton depends heavily on donations from people like you to fund our work with parents and children. Everyone needs help at some time in their life… please help us to make a difference to a child’s life today.  

Ways to help us:

You can make a donation or take part in a challenge to run, cycle or trek and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Or you can get your business involved or run your own event.  And every year we run our snowflake appeal to raise funds for children as unique and fragile as snowflakes who are facing tragedy or hardship across Northampton.

Every penny of the money that you contribute (excluding credit and debit card charges) is paid directly into Home-Start Northampton’s bank account. THANK YOU