Home Start UK


Families accepting the offer of Home-Start support are usually referred by Health Visitors and Social Workers, other referrals come from various workers in the field of health care (e.g. midwives, paediatricians, child and family therapists), Sunflower Centre, Women’s Refuges, Children Centres, Portage, Northamptonshire Carers and from other voluntary organisations, having first obtained the permission of the family.

What happens next?
When a referral is received Bernie will visit the family at home to find out what support is needed. The most suitable volunteer is then introduced to the family to offer support, friendship and practical help personalised to the needs of the family.  Bernie will remain in contact throughout to review the progress being made

For how long is Home-Start usually involved?
Support will be provided so long as you need us and it is still appropriate.  Some families will need to be visited for only a few months, whilst others will need support for much longer. We are able to support providing there is a child under school age and the volunteers will visit once a week for 2 - 3 hours.

What about confidentiality?

All personal information about parents and families is treated as confidential.  Home-Start, through a volunteer, develops a very special and privileged relationship with a family.  By visiting a family regularly and informally at home, a volunteer becomes a trusted listener and supporter and is likely to be the recipient of personal and private information.  Children’s welfare is paramount and only if we are concerned about this, and where possible, only after discussion with the family would confidentiality ever be breached.

How To Refer

Referrals come from many sources, as listed above, and if you wish to refer a family please call the office on 01604 627692.